Since the early 1960's, families and friends have created memories at the Slatington Bowling Center on Route 873.

"This place has been used for fundraisers, family birthdays, gatherings, reunions," said Alice Wanamaker, a Slatington community member and vice president of the Carbon County Chamber and Economic Development Corporation.

"The bowling alley's been a part of my life for probably almost 60 years," said Allan Boyer.

Boyer, a Northern Lehigh resident and business owner, is one of the many saddened to hear the beloved bowling alley will be closing its doors for good this spring.

"Slatington is a historic community, a lot of old businesses and to see a part of history leaving is always a sad thing," said Boyer.

The Slate Bowl's owner tells News 13 he just won't be able to financially recover from the pandemic, which forced his business into a five-month closure. He announced the news to the community via Facebook on Wednesday.

"It was disbelief at first, then sadness to see such a staple in the Northern Lehigh and Slatington community have to make that difficult decision," said Wanamaker.

"Now with people not able to be out together socially, which bowling is, I'm sure it put a financial strain on the owner," added Boyer.

The building and its liquor license have both been sold. The alley has been purchased by a Lehigh Valley developer who plans to tear it down. Future plans for the property are not yet known.

"I'm hoping whoever and whatever they do with it will at least keep some community involvement there, whatever it may be," said Boyer.

Community members say it's just another reminder of how important patronizing small businesses is during this time.

"Look around your community and say 'Who can use my support today?'" urged Wanamaker.

The bowling alley's owner says they will try to stay open until April but may have to shut down sooner if things don't get better.