These days, a random act of kindess is more meaningful than ever. Over the weekend, staff at a Palmerton restaurant were on the receiving end of a very generous one.

For restaurant workers, it's been a brutal past ten months.

"It's been trying in every aspect of the word, of us coming in on a daily basis and learning how to do new things and doing the best we can to survive, said Chip Solt, owner of Joey B on Delaware Avenue.

But this weekend, there was a glimmer of hope for the restaurant's staff, after a customer left a very generous tip Saturday night.

"I said to the other waitress, Laura, I just looked at her and said 'Um they left like a lot of money, I'm going to go inside and tell Shari real quick' and I only thought it was like $300 and then when Shari counted, it was $1,300," said waitress Erin McGinley.

That table's bill? Just under $35.

"My mouth just dropped. I had nothing to say, I couldn't even speak," said McGinley.

The $1,300 was split among the entire staff, from the waitresses to the dish washers.

"It's heartwarming, it really is and then when it happens to you and the place you work for in general, it's a huge appreciation and we're so grateful and honored," said Madison Molchan, another one of the restaurant's waitresses.

Joey B is keeping the customer anonymous.

"They know who they are, we know who they are, and again I thank them and I thank every one of my customers," said Solt.

Solt says while the money is more than appreciated, the gesture has an even bigger meaning.

"I understand most people can't make a donation or a tip like that but it's a lot deeper than that. It's just to be kind," said Solt.

"Just keep your hope alive because small acts of kindness, like that which was brought into our establishment, could happen to you at any time and there are people out there who do care," said Molchan.

In a time when we could all use more reasons to smile, the hardworking staff at Joey B now has 1,300.