Meet Donna Shelly. She works for Carbon County's Area Agency on Aging, helping residents navigate the sometimes-overwhelming system of Medicare.

"Everybody always tells me 'I'm so confused. I don't understand, I got so much in the mail,'" said Shelly.

Jack Huber was no different. For weeks, the 85-year-old Jim Thorpe man had tried signing his ill wife up for a drug prescription plan with no success.

"I couldn't get enrolled and the deadline was pinching down on me," said Huber.

A friend suggested he call the Aging office, and that's where he met Donna.

"It didn't take her very long. She gave me all the comparisons with different companies," said Huber.

While it may seem like a small task, her help meant the world to Mr. Huber.

"Donna was a lifesaver for me because I was at the frustration point because I didn't know if I was going to meet the deadline," said Huber.

It meant so much that he penned a letter to the county's commissioners, praising their employee.

"She doesn't think she's out of the norm, but I think she is!" said Huber.

Jack's right--Donna doesn't think she's anything special. When I showed her Jack's interview, her humility shined through.

"I feel like I'm doing what I can. I have pride in what I do and I want to do it right. You don't get it that often that they tell you what a good job you do. Like I said, to me, it's just my job but it's nice to hear it and he's a great person," said Shelly.

For Mr. Huber, it's all about not missing an opportunity, during these tough times, to recognize an "out of the ordinary" worker.

"When you're ready to sink and somebody helps you, that's big time for that person. It may not be for her, because she does this every day, but for me, it was big time," said Huber.