As cars and trucks whiz through Lehighton on Route 209, many don't stop for pedestrians at the crosswalk near RJ Walker Plumbing. Karla Gadecki, who lives nearby, says it's a common theme.

"I found that even when someone was kind enough to stop for me, the other side of traffic would not stop or someone would try to go around the other side of traffic that is stopped," said Gadecki.

Other residents and business owners agree.

"I mean they're coming from four directions, it's basically a four-way intersection and they have no respect for people crossing," said Scott Pfeiffer of Lehighton.

"It's not safe and I would not feel comfortable allowing a child to cross this road right here," said Jennifer Solt-Cerato, owner of Jenny's Sweets & More on 1st Street in Lehighton.

They say the road design also prohibits drivers from seeing pedestrians who may be waiting to cross.

"You're kind of coming over a blind hill on this side and then people are so busy making the turn here and avoiding traffic coming from Dunkin' Donuts, they're not really looking," said Gadecki.

Right now, there are no lights or signals indicating it's a place where pedestrians can cross, and that's what these residents want to change.

"At least if there's a flashing light, there's more of a chance of traffic seeing that someone wants to cross and they'll stop," said Gadecki.

Gadecki has created a petition, asking the borough of Lehighton for just that--installation of a pedestrian crosswalk system. While recent PennDOT statistics show there have been no pedestrian-related accidents at this spot, residents still feel some sort of safety measure is needed.

"I signed the petition, I shared the petition, and I've encouraged other people to sign it because I believe we are revitalizing our town here in Lehighton and to do it safely, is the way it should be done,' said Solt-Cerato.

"I think it's important to make it a safer crosswalk so families feel safer letting their kids enjoy the town and enjoy the playgrounds and not feel like their kids safety is at risk right outside their house," said Gadecki.

Lehighton's borough manager tells News 13 once the petition is received, it will be turned over to council to discuss. The next borough council meeting is February 1st.