Local priests put on an apron to raise funds for parishes and catholic charities.

Father Allen Hoffa of Saint Joseph's Parish of the Panther Valley is just one of over twenty local priests who need your vote in an online cooking competition. "Cooks With Collars" was designed to raise money in a fun way by having priests make cooking videos and have the public pay to vote for their favorite cooks, but it's also a virtual celebration for the entire diocese of Allentown

Sponsorship contributions support the catholic charities ministries while your voting dollars go directly to the parish of the cook that earns your votes. Father Hoffa who makes "halupki" or stuffed cabbage in his video says food is just one way for people to come together. "A good friend of mine taught me a long time ago that food is love and Jesus definitely loved to gather people around food to get them to be able to hear his word and have their lives changed. So, we do the same thing of course, you know, the Eucharist as church, but also through the social things that we do."

Father Hoffa says the parish as a whole has already raised more than its originally intended goal and the competition is only a few days in. The voting deadline is February 15th with winners announced the following day.

To watch the videos and place a vote, head over to cookswithcollars.com. A minimum donation of ten dollars is required to vote.