For those of you with a broken heart you can celebrate valentine's day by getting back at your ex. From now until the big day you can name a cricket after your ex and staff from Lehigh Valley Zoo will feed it to one of the animals.

The zoo thinks it's a fun way for you to get back at your ex on Valentine's Day. A five dollar donation allows you to name the cricket. Zoo staff will then feed it to one of their reptiles, amphibians, or other animals and post a video it on Facebook. The zoo's president says most people are naming the crickets after their ex or someone who's done them wrong.

"Getting back at an ex is a new one for us here at zoo... you have the other side of the predator and the prey relationship and the feeding of the animals. It's something fun, something easy, and it costs five dollars for a cricket. I've seen a lot of comments from folks like 'you definitely spent five dollars on a lot worse things,' so this is a great opportunity to do something unique and also support the zoo at the same time."

Aside from helping you tell your ex to "bug off" zoo staff will offer educational information about the animals being fed in each video. Videos will be posted once a week so make a donation on the zoo's website and keep an eye out for posts on their Facebook page.