A painting from the world's most celebrated Dutch master makes its way back to the Lehigh Valley in a revealing art exhibit.

Rembrandt's "Portrait of a Young Woman" has returned to the Allentown Art Museum and is the centerpiece of a new exhibit titled: "Rembrandt Revealed." The painting was gifted to the museum back in the sixties and was considered an original work by the Dutch master. A decade later scholars demoted the artwork over concerns of some indistinct brushwork taking credit away from the painter. In 2018, x-rays and other technology proved the painting is indeed a Rembrandt and the brushstrokes in question were made from over-paint and varnish during restorations. The painting has since been stripped of those additions. That process is the focus of the new exhibit.

The president of the museum says the painting is one of only a handful of Rembrandts in the United States and its such an honor to have it back home in Allentown."New York and D.C., the major museums have Rembrandts and alongside of the major institutions is the Allentown Art Museum. So, we're thrilled and honored to have a Rembrandt in our wonderful collection because it adds depth and breadth to our collection and it's just a great opportunity to celebrate its homecoming."

The exhibit opens to the general public Sunday and runs until early May. Museum officials say they are accepting walk-ins on a first-come first-served basis, but it is recommended to reserve a time-ticket on their website.