A local zoo has a fun way for you and your family to enjoy the upcoming Superbowl while at the same time making a donation.

Gear up for Superbowl Sunday and get some skin in the game with Zooperbowl. The new game of chance fundraiser from the Lehigh Valley Zoo operates just like an office square pool, but instead of having a shot at winning money you could win an animal encounter with penguins or a giraffe. Smaller prizes include passes to the zoo and gift cards. A thirty dollar donation gets you one entry or "square" on a game card grid. A one hundred dollar donation can buy you four entries. The zoo's president says its a fun game with prizes geared toward family-oriented activities.

"It's a really neat and interesting way to support the zoo, a little bit more expensive, but the value is there. And again, all of this is a donation to help support us during this time." Shurr says there are over three thousand dollars worth of prizes. The zoo is offering pregame and post-game drawings as well. To find out more and to make a donation, head over to lvzoo.org.