East Stroudsburg University makes an investment in the different types of students they educate as the pandemic has put college plans on the back burner for some.

ESU has started new scholarship opportunities for transfer students, Pennsylvania students who graduate top of their high school class, and those who are first generation scholars. High school students who graduate rank one through five get a chance at full tuition paid, while those who rank six through ten can apply for half tuition. A platinum, gold and silver award for transfer students based on their GPA, and a half-tuition award for those who are first in their family to attend college. Officials say this is the right time to help students achieve an education, even if times are tough for the university.

"They might have had to use their college savings to supplement their income or to cover the rent. And we just don't want to lose sight of the fact that we didn't want them to lose the opportunity to continue on in their educational journey," Karen Lucas, Vice President of Enrollment, said.

These scholarships are expected to continue even after the pandemic has ended.