If you want to keep kids engaged over the long weekend you could sign them up for a "Schools Out Science Camp"...

Davinci Science center in Allentown is offering in-person science camps to K-5 children. Kids get a V.I.P behind-the-scenes look at the science center's "Under the Canopy" rainforest exhibit. In Eco Exploration Camp, kids explore the science of sustainability as they become environmental engineers and learn about alternative energies and study greenhouse gasses using dry ice.

"The rainforest is called the lungs of the Earth, so I think really just shows how important the rainforest is and how much we need to really think about how we are impacting it. So, I think to get these kids starting to think about that younger is really awesome to have moving forward then."

Clinton says in addition to all the knowledge kids gain, the science center also offers hands-on activities children can take home. The Eco Exploration Camp still has some of its eighteen spots open, so you may want to register soon. The price 75 dollars. For more information and to sign up head over to Davinci Science Center's website.