The holiday for lovers is just a few days away. Have you ever stopped to think about why people give chocolate as a gift for Valentine's Day?

Jenny’s Sweets & More in Lehighton is already busy preparing their orders and the owner tells us there may be some science behind why we exchange chocolate and call the sweet treat a gift of love.

"There’s supposed to be some chemicals in chocolate so I’m understanding that it acts as sort of an aphrodisiac and encourages romantic impulses I guess. Whether you believe that or you don’t, to me I think people love to give chocolate because of its texture, it’s creamy, it’s sweet, it’s something that you’re going to eat that I feel just warms your heart and it’s something that you want to give to someone who you care about or you love."

The shop has six specials this year in honor of Valentine’s Day that may just spark those romantic flames and warm your lover's heart... and no matter if you give chocolate, flowers or a dinner for two, supporting small businesses like Jenny's right now will leave their owners feeling the love too.