Some people may be feeling bitter about love this valentine's day and the Lehigh Valley Zoo has some creative ways to help you express how you really feel about that ex boyfriend or girlfriend.

The zoo has raised nearly one thousand dollars through a creative fundraising campaign. For a five dollar donation you can name a cricket after your ex and it becomes dinner for one of the zoo's reptiles or amphibians. Well now they're taking it a step farther. This weekend you can bid to name a carcass in honor of your ex and zookeepers will feed it to their Mexican gray wolves. Staff say the carcass feeding was actually suggested by someone on Facebook and now they're running with it.

"They made a comment about Bug-Off and said why don't you think bigger than that I would pay $500 to watch the wolves eat something and we thought, huh, okay, maybe that's an idea."

Zoo staff already feed carcasses to the wolves as a form of enrichment, so it's a fun way to get back at your ex while supporting the zoo at the same time.

Currently the bid is up to five hundred twenty-five dollars and bidding will end at 2pm on Sunday. The winning bidder gets a private visit to the zoo to watch the feeding with three of their friends.