Lehighton resident Karla Gadecki wants to see safety improved at this crosswalk. It's at the intersection of Bankway and Bridge Street, where she says a lot of drivers don't stop for pedestrians.

"You're kind of coming over a blind hill on this side and then people are so busy making the turn here and avoiding traffic coming from Dunkin' Donuts, they're not really looking." said Gadecki.

After circulating a petition which gained over 300 signatures, Gadecki presented her case to Lehighton Borough Council, who agrees the area is dangerous.

"The overall perspective from council is they're concerned about the intersection as a whole with the crosswalk because it's a three-way intersection," said borough manager, Nicole Beckett.

The borough has options on the table. They include re-painting the crosswalk to make it more visible, adding new signage, or installing overhead flashing lights like Gadecki's petition requests. The last option would require a PennDOT study.

"We would need to commit funds to that without really knowing what the end result would be," said Beckett.

Because of potential costs and concerns about the intersection as a whole, Council favors removing the crosswalk completely, and re-educating the public to use this crosswalk just up the street instead. But there's a problem there too.

"It only goes to the middle of the street and not fully over to the other side which doesn't help the people in the area who use wheelchairs," said Gadecki.

The borough knows this and is researching the improvements it would need to make.

"The point is we can make that safer at that location versus the location at Bridge and Bankway," said Beckett.

Gadecki says she's all for whatever is safest for the town, but would like something done in the short-term.

"The simpler, faster solution would be to just do the crosshatching and do the signs to make this existing crosswalk safer until they can figure out what if anything they can afford to do with the other one," said Gadecki.

Council will give an update on the issue at its March 1st meeting.