A local gaming cafe is gearing up for a big tournament scheduled for next month.

Jokers Gaming Cafe in Lehighton is getting ready for a three versus three Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament they're expecting to be their biggest yet. The crowd for the last Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament just two weekends ago exceeded expectations. Popular games like Dungeons & Dragons and Magic Gathering have also been gaining traction this past year. The owner says if you've always been interested in card and board games, but don't know where to start he and his staff will teach you.

"We'll sit down we'll teach people how to play. We've had many people come in and say what's that? And what's this? How about I do that or how about I do this and we just sat here for a good hour or two hours and just run through each and every thing we can do for each of the games that we have."

This past weekend the cafe held an X-Wing tournament, but save the date of march sixth for the three versus three Yu-Gi-Oh! event. If you would like to learn more search for jokers gaming cafe on Facebook.