It's more than just a cup of joe! A new coffee shop coming to downtown Bethlehem changes the way the community values, includes, and accepts people with disabilities.

80-percent of disabled people are unemployed. Bitty and Beau's is changing that one coffee shop at a time. The new franchise started in North Carolina and is named after the founders two youngest children. Both Bitty and Beau have down syndrome. Almost all of the people employed by the shop have an intellectual or developmental disability.

"People come in our doors everyday - maybe never having spent time with people with a disability - they walk away with a new perspective."

"When we first offered franchises we heard from hundreds of people in PA who wanted us to come there and wanted to be part of it and we did a very thorough job of figuring out who was the right fit. And we really feel confident with the choice we made with the two families who are going to open the shop there in Bethlehem."

Kaitlyn and Tess live in the Lehigh Valley. They were surprised with a big job offer earlier this week. They don't have a location for the shop just yet, but their families are actively exploring downtown Bethlehem for the perfect spot. They hope to open by the end of the year.