Two cousins are joining forces in a colossal way bringing together their love of music and radio. Colossal radio finds a new home at Off The Charts Music School in downtown Palmerton.

Layne "Doc' Roberts has moved his Lehighton radio operations to Palmerton where you can see him through the window of his cousin Dustin Rehrig's music school. The two have been tossing around the idea since December and say the move just makes sense.

"It opens the doors to a lot of opportunities, especially when the two of us get together and really start to join these two adventures into one big colossal mess, is what I say it is, but what we want is a mess."

"When you work hard over the decades to try to put something like this together and it's only two years old, it's pretty humbling to look back and the amount of support that I've received."

"It's a cool space. You're welcome to visit. Come on down and say hi, take a tour of the station, take a tour of the music school and we're not going anywhere. We're going to be here for a while man, that's for sure."

Roberts says the Lehighton station was awesome, but the larger space allows space for bands. For more info and the complete radio rundown visit