When schools are closed science camp is in session.

Students K-5 can have a full day of hands-on scientific fun with Da Vinci Science Center's "School's Out Science Camps."

Today campers learned about the unusual properties of water and how it's essential to a healthy planet in the "H-2 Whoa!" science camp. Children had fun experimenting; running colored water over charcoal to make homemade filters. Da Vinci staff say kids love discovering the wonders of science at the in-person camps.

"We have a couple kids who've never been here before, so this is their first time with School's Out Science Camp and they're having a blast, so we love to hear that, so, yeah, and we love seeing new faces and familiar faces."

There are three different camps coming in April starting on the first. Topics include a one day crash course in healthcare, learning about gravity and friction, and experimenting to see if kids can safely protect an egg from a two story drop. To register for the science camps and to learn more head to the Da Vinci Science center website.