As the popular phrase goes, "the show must go on," but for one high school drama club that means taking the show from the stage to the screen.

Jim Thorpe's drama club was unable to perform their production of West Side Story in person because of the pandemic, so they decided to pivot and turn it into a movie which will have a one night showing at the Angela Theatre in Coaldale. Today the drama director and cast came to the basketball courts in Memorial Park to rehearse the finale and a rumble scene under a nearby bridge.

"So, we had to alert all the police in the Jim Thorpe Area not to come if there's a call that there's a fight going on."

Students say even though the play was canceled the experience has been fun and they hope people can see the hard work everyone put in.

"The whole cast we all have such a great time together. A lot of us have known each other for like five years. We've been doing these shows together and yeah it's a great crew. We always have a great time."

"We all worked so incredibly hard between thinking two months ago that we weren't even going to have a show to now having a whole movie. It's so incredible and I would really appreciate it if people came out to see all this hard work and this amazing show that we're going to be putting on."

The one night screening will be held on April 30th at the Angela Theatre in Coaldale and starts at seven o'clock. Admission is at the door where you will be asked to make a small donation.