A missing man’s dog is leading the search effort in Monroe County.

The Lackawanna County man was last seen over a week ago. Fishermen found his truck at Brady’s Lake in Pocono Lake on Saturday.

Yesterday as search teams continued to scour the area— his dog cole walked into the search command center. Now as News13’s Nicole Walters reports Cole is playing a key role.

Ronald Nicholas’ family has been out all day at Brady’s lake in Coolbaugh Township hoping his dog Cole will lead them to him. The 72-year-old was reported missing over a week ago. Since his vehicle was found at the lake on Saturday, grid searches of the area have been conducted by numerous agencies on foot, on water and from above to locate Nicholas and Cole.

Nicholas' Son-in-law Mark Snyder says, "Yesterday there were hundreds of people in the woods and the dog basically popped out right into command. Through the hunters, through the trackers, through the people."

Yesterday the teams were immediately launched in the direction the dog came from and then police tried a few search tactics with Cole.

Pocono Mountain Regional Police Chief Chris Wagner says, "We put it on a lead hoping it would lead us back to Mr. Nicholas, that was unsuccessful as well. We’ve also tried to let the dog off-lead with a GPS, hoping the dog would wonder back on its own, that has also not resulted in any success."

Today the search has winded down. ONly the family was out looking with the help from police providing the GPS tools to use with Cole.

Snyder says, "If there’s a lot of people in the woods, it’s very distracting for the dog so I think that having it somewhat quiet environment for the dog to focus on finding his owner is important. It’s also these were a lot of volunteers."

While police tell us they may be moving into a recovery phase, the family is still holding out hope for a safe return.

Snyder says, "Every hour that clicks by you know becomes a little bit more challenging and dire but Ron is also a survivor, he’s a very headstrong man and loves nature." 

What’s really puzzling police is that Cole came back perfectly unharmed, he was not wet, he didn’t have any sort of indication that he’s been out in the woods for over a week now. And that’s something that they’re looking into.

Wagner says, "That’s a little peculiar. We would certainly expect a dog that was in woods for several days to be a little more worse for ware."

The search will continue with volunteers on a part-time basis from here on out. The family wants to thank the Pocono Community again for all of their support and are grateful for the continued help no matter the outcome.