Two Mahoning plow drivers are honored for their heroism.

"His quick response and effort aided in saving a man's life. Therefore on behalf of Mahoning Township Board of Supervisors, we commend you."

A few months ago, during one of the worst winter storms to hit our area in recent years, Ronald Wenrich and Christopher Moses were plowing snow off route 902 when they came across a car stuck along the side of the road. They could just make out footprints in the snow. Hopping out of the truck and following the tracks up a hill, they noticed an odd shaped lump of snow that drew their attention. Brushing off the snow, they found Paul Fichter, a Mahoning township resident, freezing and barely alive. The men wrapped Fichter in every piece of clothing they could find, called an ambulance, and ultimately saved his life. Both men were awarded certificates of commendation signed by each board member for the heroic act.