Today is the day our nation celebrates the people who are the glue keeping offices together and things running smoothly.

Principals and staff at Lehighton Area Elementary Center took time to give thanks to their secretaries on Administrative Professionals Day.

Valuable staff were honored today with bouquets of flowers, cards, and gift cards saying thanks for all they do. The school's principals say nothing would get done without the hard work of their three secretaries Melissa Hunsicker, Lori Porambo, and Karen Shaffer.

"If we didn't have our secretaries we would be in big trouble because they just really make the day, right from the beginning, our day go smoothly. They keep us focused. They keep us on task and they do all that with a smile on their face."

"I would just like to thank them for everything that they do for us, teachers, principals, staff, students in our building. They are so essential to what we do everyday and we love seeing their bubbly personalities and their smiling faces."

Principal Seblin says we shouldn't just recognize our administrative professionals one day a year, we should recognize them all the time for the great work they do.