Prom is a pinnacle for many students, especially seniors.  Last year, the pandemic cancelled the anticipated tradition at many districts.

This year Monroe County high schools are coming up with ways to hold the formal dance and keep everyone safe.

Principal Jeff Sodl of Stroudsburg High School says, "Everything is we’re having it but it’s different and it was important for us to get back to those standards and traditions that we had because that’s what makes school fun."

Over the past year the pandemic has caused students to miss out on a lot and has changed the way they do everything, including something as simple as walking down a school hallway. Stroudsburg School District didn’t want to cancel another event.

Sodl says, "It was a tough academic year for all of the kids both academically and I mean their mental health, this had to happen. We had to have these for the kids because they deserve it."

Sodl says 300 students will be able to attend the prom outside at the Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort.

Sodl says, "A pavilion down by the river, as well as a large tent that they’re going to set up. We’ll have a couple different areas for eating and dancing and we tried to work out the logistics of staggering arrivals, how we’re going to do check-in, how students are going to eat in a staged way."

That’s just part of what the safety plan will entail. There also won’t be any limos or party buses in the parking lot. Students can only arrive with no more than two in a vehicle. They of course will have to wear masks on the dance floor and at all times except when they’re eating.

Senior Katie Pfaeffle says, "Honestly the changes don’t bother me really at all, just because I’ll take whatever I can get at this point because I’ve been looking to go to prom ever since I saw my brothers and sisters go and everything like that."

Having a prom this year means that much more to the students. They just really appreciate all of the effort.

Senior Sebastian Khamis says, "Just being around everybody, you know it’s a privilege we’re having it this year since everything has changed and everything is unpredictable so kind of looking forward to all the friends and all the moments will get to have that night."

Senior Connor Smith says, "Our class is pretty tight so we’re really close and I think it’s good to send it off all together at once."

Stroudsburg’s prom will be held on June 7th which is a couple days after graduation.