As we’ve previously reported, the hospitality industry across our area is in dire need of employees due to Covid-19 and the continuing unemployment benefits.

But efforts to attract the staff they need is now also falling short.

Human Resources Generalist Courtney Frtiz of Woodloch Pines Resort says, "It’s not the Woodloch way to feel discouraged so we’re just going into this optimistic and we’re hoping for the best. We’ve been here since 1958 and we’re going to conquer it and make it work no matter what."

Woodloch Pines Resort in Pike County still needs to fill around 200 positions after holding a job fair this week. Only 20 applicants showed up during the four hour window for the full-time year-round positions and seasonal work.

Fritz says, "It’s not a Woodloch problem, it’s not a Wayne County problem, it’s statewide. I’ve seen a lot of local businesses that are closing for multiple days a week just because they can’t find the staffing that they need to function so it’s become a threat to everybody."

Since the resort is still operating on the Covid restrictions where everything is much more spread out, they have an increased need for staff. If they don’t get more employees, we’re told they’ll be stretched thin.

Fritz says, "We have a great team here and what they’re doing is making sure that we can offer all of the amenities but what it means is we will sometimes have to structure availability a little bit differently, just to ensure that everybody can take advantage of them while still being safe."

That’s why they’re one of the locations for the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau’s regional job fair on May 13th from 10am to 2pm.

Fritz says, "We expect a bigger turnout just based on how many different people are coming, how many different employers are coming."

AND the bureau is making sure the 65 employers participating will receive the best turnout possible.

Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau Membership/Community Relations Vice President Marlin Kissner says, "We have a few high schools that will actually be busing high school seniors to the job fair so this is where the power of partnerships, pulling everyone together and then using our amazing advertising avenues: billboards, TV, radio, social media."

For more information about the job fair on May 13th, just go to the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau website. There you’ll also find a job portal of open positions where you can apply directly.