A Monroe County woman is representing Team USA in the 2021 Endurance World Championship. The 100 mile equestrian race will take place in Italy later this month after being postponed last September due to Covid-19. 

Holly Corcoran of Stroudsburg is just one of five team members participating for Team USA in the International Federation for Equestrian Sports Competition. The team and their horses will fly out this weekend to Pisa, Italy. Corcoran will be riding her horse Poete for the 100 mile trek.  She has another horse named Poetrie, that qualified for the race. Poetrie will be ridden by another Team USA member, Hanna Weightman.

"It's incredibly humbling, I'm just overjoyed. I feel privileged and it's a special feeling when you're asked to represent your country," said Corcoran. 

Corcoran says the pandemic has been a blessing in disguise.  Allowing her to work remotely as a certified public accountant while she trains in Florida near the Goethe State Forest. 

"They've got hundreds of miles of trails so its a really good place to condition and i do it here in Florida because in Pennsylvania our footing is just really really bad in the winter so i wouldn't be able to keep the horses going at the level they need to be at to be ready for may," said Corcoran. 

The race gets underway on Saturday, May 22nd. 90 competitors from 35 countries will be in attendance.