A Schuylkill County movie theater rolls out the red carpet for some local high school students. COVID forced Jim Thorpe High School's drama club to cancel this year's on-stage production.

So the kids got creative. They turned the award-winning Broadway production West Side Story into a movie. On Friday night, the students, along with their community, got to watch the finished film on the big screen at the Angela Theatre in Coaldale.

"We were all over the moon because we didn't think we were gonna have a show at all then getting to have one and turn it into a movie, it was such an amazing idea and we had such a great time." 

"It was harder, a lot harder believe it or not than doing a regular play but we did it and it's a big milestone in all our lives." 

And the cast arrived in style!!!! The kids got to ride in jukebox cruiser classic cars and walk the red carpet before the premiere.