A Monroe County business gives back to help some four-legged friends in the community. The Blu Studio in Stroudsburg donated nearly $4,000 to the AWSOM Animal Shelter.

That's the biggest donation they've given yet. The owner of the studio says she got her pets from the shelter, and she knows many customers have as well, so it seemed to be a popular choice. She hopes that this donation can help offset the loss of fundraisers over the past year.

"Our customers, our friends, our buyers, you can just tell that they love their pets, they're family to them. So, we decided this one would be a great one to not only be able to give ten percent back to an organization, but have something that could be brought in as far as donations," Justine Riches, said.

Pet food, blankets and cat litter were also donated to the shelter.

"We could not be more thankful and more happy for them being able to help us. We're full, we're so very full, so that will go such a long way to helping us get through this really tough time," Sandra Fellin, AWSOM President, said.