The Jim Thorpe Lion's Club has been honoring students for academic excellence since 1974.

Last night one Jim Thorpe senior was named student of the month for the subject of physical education.

Each month the Lion's Club gives a plaque to the most eager student in a given subject as chosen by school faculty for their academic excellence. The club's chairman says its a way to honor students for their hard work.

"Jim Thorpe Lion's Club thinks it's very important to acknowledge the achievements of students and especially seniors."

"I've been doing this for twenty years for the Jim Thorpe Lion's Club and it's always exciting to meet new students and to really show off their academic success."

"It's a big accomplishment. I'm just really glad I was able to receive it out of all the kids that applied for the scholarship and I just got, guess I'm the lucky one and teachers thought I was a good pick for it."

Sheehan says in addition to student of the month the Lion's Club also gives a scholarship each year at the graduation ceremonies.