A friendly wager made by educators to students of a fourth grade enrichment class at Franklin Elementary has led to a quadrennial game of croquet.

Para-professionals Brenda Eckley and Ann Shoenberger taught an enrichment class for fourth graders at the old Franklin Elementary School. Today they came to visit the former school-turned-church to take a walk down memory lane with former students who are now graduating Lehighton seniors. After their tour they played croquet to honor an eight year old bet.

"When we were in the fourth grade we would have challenge words on our spelling tests and one of the was 'croquet' and so they made a bet with us if all of us spelled it right on our spelling test they would let us play a game of croquet at the end of the year and so they did."

After that original game of croquet it was decided by all to play every four years and students, including this year's valedictorian, made sure they kept that promise even as they prepare for college.

"Kids change, I know how it is, I have kids of my own, but these kids they really looked forward to it."

"It's an awesome feeling, especially knowing they're such good kids, they're the best of the best and to see them achieving and going onto college, don't get me crying."

"I'm so excited for graduation and I'm excited for what's in the future and just excited about my past and think about my last 18 years here in Lehighton and take that forward with me."

The teachers are proud as their former students head out to the parade tonight and graduate tomorrow. Eckley says there has been some talk of another game of croquet when students graduate from college in four years.