For anyone in need of new clothing, a Carbon County church has a three day giveaway starting tomorrow.

Saint John's Lutheran Church in Jim Thorpe is starting their annual clothing drive tomorrow, Friday and Saturday at 9am. Everything is free. Volunteers have already sorted out by size all the men's, women's and older children's clothing. Other items available include outer wear, bedding, and household items. As volunteers expect to see over 250 people on the first day alone, they say the need is there. It's why they have been making this happen for over 20 years.

"For some people, they have told us it's the difference between buying their medicine or food and being able to buy clothing. And clothing for some folks unfortunately is a luxury."

It doesn't matter where you're from, you are welcome. This event is also happening on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of next week at Saint John's. All leftover clothing is donated to a Frackville church and the Allentown Rescue Mission.