A local fire company fundraiser has the community piling up aluminum cans. In less than a month of collecting cans to raise money for new equipment, the Lehighton Fire Department has nearly one full trailer.

Almost everyday the community has been dropping off their empty cans at the trailer right next to the Public Works Garage in Lehighton. Firefighter and diver Justin Markell says the rescue team is very grateful for all the support they've received in such a short period of time.

"It's going fantastic. We had an outstanding response from the community and the surrounding community."

"We're hoping that over the course of the year those trailer loads will add up and then it'll be a nice steady stream of income for us to purchase and then replace new water rescue equipment."

Markell says 4th of July weekend brought in a lot of cans with one person from Weatherly donating an enormous can-filled bag toward the recycling fundraising effort.