A new home improvement business in the Panther Valley is getting ready to open its doors in a big way.

Construction Clearance will be opening at the former Panther Valley Lumber store next month. They re-sell furniture, appliances, tools and other home goods.

"We go and source from different auctions, websites, and talking to different owners of different businesses and we source materials for cheaper than what Lowe's and Home Depot can give us and what we hope to do now is sell to DIYers, landlords, contractors so everyone gets the price we were receiving and hope everyone improves their homes more," said owner Julia Atiyeh.

The store's grand opening will be Friday, August 6th. That's when it will have its first live, on-site auction. They'll be auctioning off the rest of Panther Valley Lumber's inventory as well as their own.

Auctions will be held the first Friday of every month. The store will be open for retail sales Tuesday through Saturday.