Improvements are being made in Slatington, but not by any construction crew. Two Northern Lehigh High School students are putting a fresh coat of paint on the Slatington fireman's statue on Main Street.

Abigail Rinker and Arabella Heintzelman climbed scaffolding - putting their brushes to work yesterday and today refreshing one of Slatington's most iconic landmarks.

Rinker said, "Our grandfather here has been volunteering for almost 50 years and he gave me a call one day and said that the statue needed repainting so I volunteered to do it and she volunteered, too"

Heintzelman said, "Yeah, he wanted a new generation to experience what the fire company has done for how many years."

It took them about 8 hours to complete. Both girls are being formally recognized by the Slatington Hose Company Number One for their work.