A new creation at Lehigh Valley Hospital gives some special patients the strength to take a breath and focus on recovery.

Burn patients can spend a lot of time in the hospital with visible and invisible injuries.

A new healing garden on the Cedar Crest campus features a mural that's 183 feet long and 11 feet high. The idea is a spin-off of one born seven years ago with a wall and ceiling mural painted in a burn unit operating room. The new work outside is being appreciated by burn patients and many others too.

"Staff where here having their lunch. People had brought their children you could see people that were tapping on the windows. They saw the mural and it brought us all together. We are all here. Here for a reason and let's just look beyond just to calm our minds and its going to be ok and you know that we do love you and we're so busy. Just get out here and take a minute and collect your thoughts."

"I was in a coma for four months initially and then after that just to come down... just to let your mind wander from worrying about your next surgery or procedures and actually to walk around and see the wonderful job that was done here on the mural. it turned out fantastic."

The four artists started painting in May and just recently finished. The group still hopes to add more benches, a gazebo, and a walking path to the healing garden.