As conflict continues after the Taliban swiftly took over the country of Afghanistan and the capital of Kabul last month, a Monroe County church is ready to help the refugee camps in Pennsylvania. As News13’s Nicole Walters discovered the mission is close to the pastor’s heart.

Full Gospel Holiness Church of God In Christ Pastor Leanon Trawick says, "I’ve seen the impact that being displaced have had on people in Iraq and also in Bosnia."

Trawick is an Army veteran who served in Iraq. He’s been watching what’s been going on in Afghanistan and tells us he only sees it from a humanitarian perspective.

Trawick says, "There’s a need and if we have the ability to meet the needs, I think as human beings we can lay all the other stuff aside and meet the human need."

The church has a modified trailer filled with free clothes and shoes for men women and children called “Clothes for Souls." The new target is the Afghanistan refugee camps.

Trawick says, "We like to be able to go to where there’s a need. That was the whole purpose of converting this trailer to a closet on wheels so people can come shop inside and we’ll come to them."

They’re willing to travel anywhere in Pennsylvania within 24 hours to assist the refugees but they’ve been using this trailer to hand out clothing locally for the past three years.

President Rose Johnson of Clothes for Souls Ministry says, "Before Covid hit, we were serving quite a lot of people. We were giving out at least over a thousand items a month. We had four or five different sites."

The clothes are donated by organizations and church members. The pandemic has greatly slowed down their operation and that’s why they’re trying to get the word out they’re still ready to travel. Volunteers are hoping someone watching tonight will lead them to a refugee camp or people displaced by the recent flooding.

Johnson says, "I feel the need to give back, it’s a long story behind it but there was a time when I didn’t have anything."

The church is also remembering those who lost their lives and honoring the first responders during the terrorist attacks 20 years ago on September 11th by holding a special service this Sunday morning at 11. Everyone is invited to their church in Pocono Summit.

(Full Gospel Holiness Church of God In Christ 570-839-8170)