The operators of a Slatington farm are asking for basket and cash donations for a great cause.

They're hoping to improve the quality of life for a special kid with a rare disease.

Jenifer Snyder and Matthew Saylor of Appalachian Valley Farm are hosting a basket social for their son Joel this Sunday. Joel has Leigh's Syndrome which causes the progressive loss of mental and movement abilities. For Joel it's meant trouble using his hands, walking, seizures, and metabolic strokes.

Funds raised will go toward helping him get around better.

"When he eats a meal, he's actually only getting about 30% of his nutrients, which makes it very, very difficult for his body to produce energy."

"He can walk in small spurts with somebody holding onto him, but he has been now put in a wheelchair more permanently."

"We're hoping to get a mobile wheelchair. There's all kinds and some of them are crazy expensive, like $12,000."

"We've seen bicycles that you can put handicapped people on that I can take him for a bike ride and that thought just floored me, because I would love to take him on a bike ride."

The basket social is this Sunday from 12pm to 4pm at the Emerald Fire Company pavilion in Slatington. There will be hot dogs, sodas, and water for sale and a 50/50 raffle. To find out how to donate a basket or cash visit Appalachian Valley Farm's Facebook page.