Hikers trekking the Appalachian Trail through the Lehigh Gap will soon be able to take in better views of the Lehigh River and Carbon County.

The North Trail is a two mile path located west of the Lehigh River. Decades ago it was part of the Appalachian Trail, but it was relocated after the Palmerton zinc plant killed vegetation turning it into a barren landscape. Now the trail is being used again as part of the Appalachian Trail with help from volunteers at the Keystone Trail Association who maintain the path locally.

"On October 16th, we're gonna have a work day starting at 9 o' clock in the morning and, yeah, we're gonna go up there and essentially have a blaze-painting party, if you will. We're gonna paint all the blue blazes on the North Trail white and all the white blazes on the former Appalachian trail blue. Once that's all done the former North Trail will become the Appalachian Trail and the former A.T. will become a side trail."

Foster says once work on the path is complete he believes the North Trail will be one of the best Appalachian Trail views in the state. Anyone looking to volunteer with KTA for this project or future trail maintenance can contact them at the group's email.