A Slatington farm family is thankful to the community.

They can't thank their neighbors enough for supporting their effort to keep their special needs son outside on the farm as much as possible.

Joel Snyder has Leigh's Syndrome which causes the progressive loss of mental and movement abilities. His parents, who own Appalachian Valley Farm, ran a basket raffle raising $3,100 toward an adaptive off road vehicle to help him get around. Now they're thanking the community with a free hayride.

"I don't call you guys to the hayride to donate although it is a fundraiser. If you haven't donated please donate, but if you have donated please come out and have an enjoyable day here, a relaxing day at the farm. We have a pig roast its all free it's just a nice fun day on the farm."

The hayride is Saturday October 30th. The event is free, but you must register through the Appalachian Valley Farm Facebook page. The ride will stop at the pumpkin patch for kids to pick pumpkins. There will also be a live band, plenty of candy apples, cotton candy, crafts, and games.