A tow truck procession will honor a hard working driver who worked in the industry for 18 years.

56 year old Michael Heffelfinger died on Saturday. Friends, co-workers from Hope's Towing, and peers will meet at 8:30am this Friday at the Jamesway Plaza in Tamaqua for a procession of tow trucks to his graveside service at the Odd Fellow's Cemetery.

"The towing industry is a brotherhood. It can be vicious you know we're all competitors but at the end of the day we all do the same thing and we have to look out for each other and stand behind each other no matter what the circumstances because if we don't for each other no one else really will."

Everyone with a tow truck or involved in the towing industry is invited. Heffelfinger also loved classic cars, so they are invited to join the tow trucks in the procession through Tamaqua as well.