A fruitful apple harvest comes just in time for a Monroe County farm to meet the high demand for apple cider this year.

The co-owner of Heckman Orchards in Effort tells us the weather in the spring and summer was great for their orchard. The apples grew larger and juicier than ever, and now the community is drinking them up in cider. They've had to up the production from two times a week to three times a week to meet the demand. Businesses are taking advantage of the seasonal treat as well.

"We sell bulk cider to the wineries, they make wine out of it, some of them are distilleries, they distill it and make an apple jack out of it. We also have breweries, they make a brandy out it. So, with all the new businesses opening up in the area it's become in high demand," Mark Heckman, said.

The cider is fresh, it hasn't been filtered and they use ultraviolet light to kill any bacteria.