A Tamaqua men's store is ready to continue serving customers in its 99th year.

Charles X Block in Tamaqua held a birthday bash last night.

Family, old friends, and customers from far and wide stopped at the shop last night to toast with wine tastings and to check out some amazing deals. Co-owner Ralph Richards says not many businesses can boast about 99 years of service.

"I sat back today and spoke to Mr. Block who called me from Florida. He's 90 years old, the store was opened when he was nine and he said to me to think that many of the big stores of his day, the Wanamakers, the Sears, the Kmarts have come and gone and look at little old Charles Blocks in Tamaqua Pennsylvania lives strong selling suits and we like to say selling great service."

From now until Christmas customers will be celebrated. If you make a purchase at the store you could qualify for free signature t-shirts or jackets and even "Blocks Bucks" which are good for $25 off a suit or tux rental next year.