A resource center in Franklin Township helping support the community gets a little support of its own.

Carbon Foundation's 2020 Circle awards a $3,000 grant to St. Peter's Community Resource Center.

The 2020 Circle is a philanthropic group that pools money to help charities in need. This year they selected the resource center out of three worthy charities to receive the grant. St. Peter's officials say the grant is going towards having someone employed to work in the building set days and times to be a resource for the community to contact for help.

"For individuals that are trying to apply for jobs, apply for benefits, such as LIHEAP, food stamps, medical assistance all those things. Not everyone has the education or just the know-how or where to get the documentation that they need for those kinds of things."

"There's so many great organizations in Carbon County that are doing important work and they need our help."

Alexander says the beauty of the Circle is that members can combine their membership contribution funds together to have a greater impact on organizations in need.