A Monroe County non-profit asks you to open your home to a furry friend this holiday season.

A.W.S.O.M. animal shelter in Stroudsburg is once again holding its "home for the holiday program". Residents can pick up a pet any time between the 18th and the 23rd, and keep them over the holiday to give them a home for a few days. It will give the shelter staff a little break so they can enjoy the holidays with their families. You would bring the four-legged friend back between January first and the fourth.

"Around the holidays I think everyone wants to be giving and it just really gives you a sense of purpose to this for these animals that have had nothing or have been suffering or neglected to let them know that people aren't bad and that they have a second chance," Melissa Cozze, Technician, said.

A portion of the fees will be covered by Shirley Katz insurance for all adoptions that take place starting this Saturday through January 4th.