An RV housing several people was sitting near the high rise apartments on the route 209 bypass through Lehighton.

The mobile home was removed on Monday after a year of complaints. News 13s Dominic Barone has more from residents and the borough.

Behind the old Jim's Car Care off Route 209 was an RV tow-along - with at least three people living in it - parked for over a year. And the activity these people brought to the area was unsettling for residents of the Lehighton high rise next door.

"People in and out of that area. So you get suspicious. You're not sure if it's drug activity? What is going on? You know?" said resident Kelly Frable.

She said you wouldn't believe the things she's seen out her apartment window including domestic violence. Frable said there was one woman in particular who was getting abused often, sometimes even in the back parking lot of the high rise. Frable has called police multiple times.

"I've seen her punched. Pushed. Slapped." Frable recalled, "And it was just an all-out fight. And she would scream Help! Help! Help!"

Multiple residents from the high rise did not want to be interviewed, but said the people in the RV made them afraid of going out at any time, day or night.

Frable said, "Some of these people in here are 70, 80, 90 years old. And to be in that lower parking lot or the upper parking lot and you see them out there. You're not sure is it safe with them standing there?"

It seems whoever owned the RV moved it on their own, but Lehighton Borough code enforcement said they've been sending violation notices since April. But the notices were for the entire property - not just the RV. They want all the graffiti covered and all the trash cleaned up.

Unfortunately the borough and police can not do much more than that. They could not remove the RV by force, but Frable said its the vagrant people they were worried about, not the property.

"I'm very happy. Very very happy." Frable said. "A lot of people in here are happy, too."

Code enforcement said citations against the property owner will be filed in two weeks for the remaining eyesores..