All of Carbon County has pulled together to make sure our soldiers have a bright Christmas and it will be complete with a Christmas tree. 250 trees grown in Mahoning Township were being loaded onto a trailer at Yenser's Tree Farm this morning. They'll be shipped to soldiers in North Carolina and Georgia.

"Anybody that raises money can fill out a tag thanking them for their service. We actually hear back from some of the military personnel when they get their tree this year. - Like Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. We'll hear back from some of them, thanking the kids for raising the money to provide them with a Christmas tree and that's where it really hits home that this program is a worthwhile effort."

Yenser's has been a part of "Trees For Troops" every year since the idea was born in 2005. The local grower welcomed more military personnel than ever before at this year's kickoff... One of the vets, a retired major general from the Lehighton area, says he understands why this means so much to our military.

"Having been there myself just to have that short period of time where you can forget about the world around you and remember the people at home, remember your family and friends."

The trailer leaves bright and early Monday morning, so you have all this weekend to donate.