There is another push to make the greatest Olympian of all time the sole gold medal winner from a hundred years ago.

Olympian Jim Thorpe went for gold in the pentathlon and the decathlon in the 1912 games, but because he made some money playing baseball in the states, he was stripped of his medals. But years later, in 1980, Thorpe was coined co-champion which is viewed as one of the greatest sports injustices. Nedra Darling from the non-profit Bright Path Strong is making another movement to exonerate Jim Thorpe and to name him the sole winner.

"And we've contacted the families of the other winners in the silver and bronze that were moved up and they are not interested in staying in those positions as the co-winner. Because if you're an athlete you either won or you didn't win."

Darling is working with the U.S. representative to the international Olympic committee to right this wrong. You can sign the petition at, which has over 75 thousand signatures.