Ken Rabenold, much better known as Buzzy of Buzzy's Auto Body, passed away last week at 66 years old.

He is survived by his wife, his son and an entire town of people who loved him.

"He was in fact my best friend" said his son Kory.

Ken "Buzzy" Rabenold died on Thursday, December 30th due to complications from COVID-19. His son Kory simply describes him as his best friend. It's only been four days since his father passed away, but the outpouring support from family and friends has been helpful and healing for him and his mother Pat.

"We're so thankful to have all the friends we do." Kory said, "And the stories that people were telling me about my father. The support is just amazing like when we went on our Facebooks, we couldn't believe all the comments, and the hearts, the whole nine yards."

When Buzzy was admitted to the hospital with COVID symptoms, it came just days before he and the whole family were about to watch Kory get married at Disney World in Florida. Kory tried rescheduling, but his father insisted they go on without him. He didn't completely miss the wedding as they live streamed the ceremony just for him.

"Deep down that's what he wanted. Because I think he was just so happy for me and he knew that it was going to be the right thing to do." Kory said, "And I think that kind of put me in a place where I was like he wants me to be there. He wants me to go and do this."

Even though Buzzy was great at avoiding our cameras, you might recognize him and Kory from all our years covering the racing duo at Mahoning Valley Speedway and eventually Pocono Raceway.. Kory was one of the youngest drivers to race in the ARCA Series dating back to 2011. Kory said his dad was always helping him build his life. From race cars as a kid back then - to his house with his new wife now.. A rare but special father-son relationship not seen by many.

Kory said, "We had something that a lot of people don't have. And I'm honored to have a guy like my father."

Although Buzzy is no longer here with us, his autobody shop will live on. There will be an adjustment period, but his son Kory will be taking over the business.

"I'm just going to keep it running. Whatever I got to do to keep Buzzy's Autobody here. I mean he's here 42 years I believe? So I want to continue his legacy with the autobody shop. My father would want me to keep going no matter what."

The funeral is this Saturday, and everyone is encouraged to wear Buzzy's favorite outfit... Jeans and a flannel.