A Monroe County family is seeking information after their dog was shot and killed.

The family says their dog was murdered a week ago today in Eldred Township by two kids who claimed they were hunting coyotes at night…

They fled and now the family is offering a reward to identify the two hunters.

Victim Patrice Jiunta says, "If it was an accident, they would’ve helped me. They would’ve stayed and at least helped me carry the dog to my truck."

Jiunta shows us how close to her home on Kunkletown Road her three-year-old dog Jak was shot and killed. She was awoken by two loud gunshots around two last Thursday morning and discovered the husky got out. She drove down to where she believed the shots came from where her property ends at the stream and the Chestnut Ridge Rail Trail boarders on the other side. She tells us she found two kids with massive guns.

Jiunta says, "I said where’s my dog, they didn’t answer me, they said we’re here from the Kunkletown Rod and Gun Club and we’re here hunting coyotes and DCNR wants all the coyotes gone."

Jiunta says they then admitted to killing her dog and told her he was in the brush. While she was trying to get to him, the two hunters fled. Jak was still alive and moaning.

Jiunta says, "If they wanted or mistakenly identified something for a coyote, the first shot should’ve been you know he was laying there and they should’ve been able to identify what it was but the second shot went right through his guts so they shot to kill him."

Jiunta and her daughter immediately got him to the vet but he died. Now the family is offering a three hundred dollar reward to identify the two hunters.

Jiunta says, "Trying to follow the proper channels to get justice for my beautiful dog."

State police and the state Game Commission are investigating. Jiunta went to Kunkletown Rod and Gun Club but tells us they didn’t have information on who was out hunting that night. She did see an old dark blue truck.

Jiunta says, "One was tall, very tall, maybe like six feet. The other one was maybe five feet eight but they had headlamps on so I was blinded."

Both the Game Commission and DCNR encourage all types of hunting and there is no incentive for coyotes. According to the commission, hunting coyotes can be done day or night with a proper license in an allowed area. That we’re told is to be determined.

 PA Game Warden Supervisor Phil Kasper of the Northeast Region says, "Probably the biggest thing that I can say out of this from what I know so far is hunters need to identify their target positively no matter what. So you need to be 100 percent certain whatever it is you’re going to pull the trigger to harvest is what you’re after."

Anyone with information is asked to call Jiunta at 610-573-6842 or the PA Game Commission. We reached out to the Kunkletown Rod and Gun Club but have yet to hear back.