A strange request is coming to Palmerton borough council. A group of residents are asking town leaders to memorialize "Butters the Squirrel" in Palmerton Park for being extremely well behaved and very friendly.

Butters has quite the following on social media with cute videos and photos of her eating out of people's hands.

A palmerton resident basically domesticated Butters a few years ago, and she gained quite the following for being this man's pet in the wild. She passed away some time ago, and her dad wants a gold plaque like this on one of the park benches to remember her.

"There's not a lot of people that I see on the news or anywhere feeding and taming a squirrel at a local park." said squirrel tamer Ed Condon.

Condon created quite a bond with butters the squirrel before she died in 2019. She captured peoples' hearts on Facebook and Instagram, so Condon is asking borough council to place this plaque on one of the park benches. He and others started a petition on change.org and have over 900 signatures. As you can imagine he is being met with resistance.

"There's a lot of people that plainly don't want it. We haven't really gotten a lot of good reasoning behind it." Condon said, "But with the little overhead that I think would take to put something like this in the park. I don't think it's really worth fighting."

Butters has become so beloved, local tattoo shop Tenth Gate on Delaware Avenue is offering a variety of squirrel tattoos in her name.

"We've had about seven inquiries so far. And about four of five tattoos completed." said shop manager Michelle Albino.

She agreed this does seem quite ridiculous, but it really is about loving nature and wildlife.

"It's insane when you think about it. Like my life has lead me up to this point to be protesting a plaque for a squirrel." Albino laughed, "I, at 34 years old, never thought that my life would lead me here but it did lead me here. And I'm extremely happy about that. "

Although Condon wants a plaque on a park bench, he'd be happy with whatever council agrees to.

"Anywhere would be fine." He said, "If we can get it on a park bench then there's a lot of other squirrels that can go sit on that bench now."

All signs point to council saying no again to the plaque. If they do "Butter Lovers" will be ready. They'll be selling these stickers saying "Hating Squirrels since 1912" for five dollars a piece. All proceeds will be donated to maintaining the park.