A drummer from Palmerton has the experience of a lifetime performing on a late night talk show.

Dustin Rehrig shares his story of playing live music with his cover band on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Rehrig's Dolly Parton Tribute Band "Karen as Dolly" won E! Network's "Clash of the Cover Bands." For winning they received the chance to perform on The Tonight Show last night. It's been a wild ride for the band from starting the competition in August, winning, to performing on last night's show. Rehrig says it was an amazing experience, but perhaps the most surreal thing happened in the dressing room before the show. Legendary comedian Bill Murray dropped in on the band a few times to make jokes and ask some questions.

"What are you guys a band or something? Like what are you doing and we said yeah we're a band we're gonna be performing soon and he was like where's the alcohol? We said well there isn't any alcohol we're not doing that today. He said well you're not a band you're a songwriter and he left. So, it was really to meet Bill Murray was just an incredible experience in itself."

Rehrig says it was also cool running into actor Ralph Macchio who was a guest on the show because he grew up watching the Karate Kid movies. Karen as Dolly is the only cover band to ever perform on The Tonight Show in the show's long history.