East Stroudsburg University joins one of its professors in celebrating the success of her first novel.

Margaret Mullan's book "Seeking Communion as Healing Dialogue: Gabriel Marcel's Philosophy For Today" won "Single Authored Book of the Year". The honor was awarded by the National Communication Association. Mullan began the journey of writing the novel by trying to identify ways to start meaningful dialogue. Her studies have shown her that a lot of people struggle with feeling understood. There are a few key points she focuses on throughout the book. She hopes readers take a second to think about how to improve dialogue between one another.

"It's just inviting us into this how to reflect, how to be aware of what's happening around us, the importance of paying attention to what it means to be with other people, and that I feel like is just the beginning of this," Mullan, said.

Mullan is an assistant professor of communication at East Stroudsburg University.